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FAQ about Lipo Laser Plus

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Q1. Is it safe to use Lipo laser plus treatment?

Ans:You can completely rely on this treatment as it provides 100% result with no negative effect.

Q2. Is it suitable for all body types?

Ans:Yes, the treatment can be used for all body types. By identifying the cause of your body fat, it works on specific areas to remove excessive fat.

Q3. How many times do I need to visit for the treatment?

Ans:Depending on the condition of your body, it approximately takes six to nine visits to attain the required result.

Q4. What body spots are used for the treatment?

Ans:The treatment assists you to remove fat from various body parts such as waistline, abdomen, thigh, buttocks and arms.

Q5. Will I feel anything during the treatment?

Ans:You will not feel anything. You just need to relax and the physician will use laser on your target spots.

Q6. What steps should I follow to maintain the lost weight?

Ans:You need to keep a tab on your diet and exercise schedule. Moreover, you need to drink lots of water.

Q7. Is it safe to use lipo laser treatment?

Ans:Yes, the treatment is medically proven by the clinics, and it does not provide any negative effect. However, you need to avoid the treatment if you are dealing with the situations like pregnancy, cancer, heart disease, menses, or any other severe sickness.

Q8. Does the treatment produce heat?

Ans:No, the lipo laser therapy does not generate any heat. It’s a cold laser therapy which does not produce any sound or vibration.

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