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Heart Attack & Weight Loss

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Heart Attack & Weight Loss

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All about The Heart and it’s Attack!

The saying “Wellness lies in ones heart” is becoming more relevant in today’s growing world. A large number of people are suffering with serious heart problems. A major reason behind this would be “obesity”! Excess weight gain would decrease a person’s health. It would ruin the physical body and mental health. Cardiovascular problems caused due to obesity will affect a person’s neurological and physiological abilities. It will result in severe health issues like depression, diabetes and more notably a heart attack!

Weight and Obesity

Obesity is another term used to define overweight. It is caused by overeating, genetic factors, lack of exercise and stress. An obese person will have high blood pressure and excess cholesterol. These are recognized as leading factors of cardiovascular troubles. An unhealthy person will experience the effects of obesity through mild chest pains and sudden heart attacks. Such problems can arise without any signs or symptoms.

Care and Concern

Living a health life requires care and concern. Obesity and heart diseases are closely related.  An overweight person is definitely at an edge of serious health traumas. Nevertheless, the foremost situation is reversible. A person who desires to lead a healthy life can reduce these risks. Through upright life habits and nutritional diets, they can take back their lives, into their own hands! Obese individuals are advised to change their lifestyles.

Mind and Heart

Exercise is recognized as a vital tool against obesity. Coupling effective exercises with balanced diets will definitely enlighten a person’s life. They can decrease their risks of stroke, high blood pressure, heart attack and cholesterol. Losing body weight by 10% will diminish a wide range of health problems. It will bring the mind and heart onto a right track!

Genes and Health

Heart diseases caused by obesity can be triggered by various genetic factors. Nevertheless, the situation is never out of the patient’s hands. Prospective patients can survive dangerous health issues by living a balanced life! This includes controlled eating patterns, regular exercise and frequent relaxation. Issues caused by stress can be exceptionally fatal. Busy people must have consistent breaks and warm ups! This will improve their body and help them maintain an apt weight!

Fun and Exercise

Healthy eating and exercising contributes to healthy wellbeing. It will help individuals prevail health problems. Careful living will extend a person’s life span! Living a non-sedentary lifestyle with lots of exercise and fun will certainly reduce obesity. This will have a direct impact on every person’s heart!

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HCG is no longer available in our facility due to:

The FDA has provided a list of products that were originally approved as drug products, but that will be considered biologic products as of March 23, 2020. Human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG, is one of these drugs that will now be deemed a biologic product. So it is no longer available  as a weight loss product. 

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