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Nutritional Consultant in Livonia

Individual Nutritional counseling,nutritional assessment,follow ups are available in our office for people who are diagnosed recently for high blood pressure,high cholesterol,diabetics,pre-diabetics,weight management,eating disorders.

>Healthy Eating to Control High Blood Pressure

Research has shown that following a healthy eating plan can reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure and lower an already elevated blood pressure.


For an overall eating plan, consider the DASH eating plan.”DASH” stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension,” a clinical study that tested the effects of nutrients in food on blood pressure. Study results indicated that elevated blood pressures were reduced by an eating plan that emphasizes fruits,vegetables,and low fat dairy foods and is low in saturated fat,total fat,and cholesterol. The DASH eating plan includes whole grains,poultry, fish and nuts and has reduced amounts of fats,red meats,sweets and sugared beverages.

Making Healthier Food Choices for Low Cholesterol



A cholesterol-lowering diet isn’t just about what foods you shouldn’t eat- it includes foods that you should. The American Heart Association and the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute’s National Cholesterol Education Program recommend these guidelines for heart health and lower cholesterol .

Food can be both delicious and good for your heart-if you know what to choose. Many foods are full of cholesterol,but there are lots of low-cholesterol options.

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