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Overcome Depression

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Overcome Depression

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Depression and Obesity – Does it affect everyone?

Whenever a person says he is depressed, look if he is obese! Obesity has a close relationship with depression. A large number of people are unaware of this link. Like many other health hassles, obesity results in depression. Depression is a health syndrome that cannot be overlooked. Nevertheless, the health condition requires more care and concern.

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Few people feel that depression causes obesity, while others state that obesity results in depression. This is quite similar to the arguments raised with the “chicken” and “egg”. A large number of depressed people have shown visible signs of weight loss. Fortunately, depression fades away with their weight! This shows that depression is caused by obesity and not the other way round.

What do you spread?

Depression is a psychological phenomenon. Similarly, depression caused by obesity begins mentally and is showcased physically. Obese people are acknowledged as individuals with less self esteem and more self consciousness. They suffer with low self esteem and put on a mask of depression. Similarly, they feel low when the have to talk to “beautiful” people. This is a mentality which results in depression and bad health. A healthy person will spread waves of happiness and energy. While, depressed people will kill the light in a bright place!

What makes you feel isolated?

Social pressure plays a vital role in depression. It causes unhappiness in obese people. If a person feels embarrassed or shy in social events, this will lead to isolation. Isolation results in depression. The foremost scenario grows with obesity! Fat people tend to lack self confidence. This tells them to shun away from public spots and group events. It makes socializing harder and thorny. Nevertheless, the vicious cycle of depression is framed upon obesity.

What happens with cortisol?

Obesity and depression is linked by hormones. Hormones in fat people are definitely different from that of a normal one! Under natural means, the body works hard to maintain a strong balance between the hormones. As a person gains weight, the body will increase its production of cortisol. This is a stress hormone which triggers the body to store more fat! Additionally, the hormone is responsible for depression.

What does healthy living have?

Healthy living is void of depression. Apart from hormonal change, depression is strongly related with many other biological reasons. Each reason, calibrates a link between obesity and depression! Extra weight on joints, bones and muscles will also result in depression. The soreness and tiredness is a prominent side effect of obesity!


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