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Six problems faced by Obese Pregnant women

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Six problems faced by Obese Pregnant women

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Pregnancy is all about changes. A pregnant woman will be subject to undergo various changes. This includes prominent weight gain. Nevertheless, too much of weight will make pregnancy more complicated. Obesity has a strong impact on the mother’s and child’s health. Obesity is a state when the body accumulates more fat. According to the Body Mass Index, a person is ought to have a balance between their height and weight. BMI is used to check if a person’s obese or not! Obese women will be affected by infertility and irregular ovulation. Thus, obese women are more prone to suffer unsuccessful IVF. This reduces their chances of being pregnant. Moreover, it introduces several complications during their time of pregnancy.
Unexpected diabetes
Gestational diabetes is common amongst obese pregnant woman. It is a special kind of diabetes which occurs only in pregnant women. The scenario is common in women who are fat, than the ones with normal weight. Under normal conditions, Gestational diabetes will fade with time.
High blood pressure
Another common health condition that affects pregnant women would be Preeclampsia. It is recognized as high blood pressure. Additionally, the disease increases the risks of protein in the urine.
Deep wounds
Obese pregnant women are more likely to catch infections. They will face serious urinary tract infections. This will affect the baby’s health. Healthy pregnant women will have a lower risk of postpartum infections. Whether the baby is delivered through C-Section surgery or vaginally, such infections will affect its health and wellness.
Serious blood clots
Obesity is linked with several health issues. Stroke is a serious and fatal side effect of obesity. Pregnant women who are obese will have a high chance of developing blood clots. These clots will form in their blood vessels. It is known as Thrombosis. Such clots will risk the mother’s and child’s life.
Disturbed sleep
Sleep apnea is a common disease caused by obesity. Obstructive sleep apnea is regular amongst pregnant women. Obese women are at a higher risk of developing sleep disorders. They will face irregular breathing patterns and disturbed night hours. Obese women will experience abrupt stops and starts in their breathing patterns.
Labor problems
Obesity will increase labor problems. They will feel more pain and experience overdue pregnancy. Overdue pregnancy is caused when pregnancy exceeds the expected due date. Such complications will demand for C-section surgery. This will result in deep wounds and delayed healing.

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